Harmony XL

DYE Fungus 500-600nm

Narrowing the Spectrum for Precise Treatment

The Advantages of Laser in a Narrow-Band Light Technology

Dye-Fungus is the only pulsed light handpiece in the industry to offer up to 15J/cm2, allowing itto be used for difficult-to-treat skin conditions. Dye-Fungus expands the treatment possibilities by working on vascular and pigmented lesions without being constrained to small blood vessels as well as onychomycosis. This enhanced power, combined with the correct thermo-relaxation time, makes the Dye-Fungus just as effective as laser treatment, with the safety, versatility, and cost of pulsed light. By only allowing a narrow spectrum to reach the skin, Dye-PL handpieces provide optimum results without exposing the skin to wavelengths that may lead to adverse effects.

Dye-Fungus employs a 500-600 nm wavelength that delivers energy directly to the blood vessels, closing them off and removing the appearance of small veins.

Narrow Band:

  • Treats more indications
  • Less risk of adverse effects
  • Higher Energy

  • Comparable to pulsed laser
  • Deeper penetration in skin
  • Higher Efficacy

  • Max absorption in Hb
  • More effective results
  • The Dye-Fungus is the most powerful handpiece within the Dye-Fungus series. Treat port-wine stains and other stubborn pigmentation, as well as onychomycosis, with the first real alternative to the Pulsed- Dye laser.